Correspondent Lending

Key advantages with Non-Delegated Correspondent Lending:

  • Earn additional fees on every loan.
  • Control the entire process from application to close.
  • Mitigate your risk by having Mountain West Financial underwrite your loan.
  • You are the lender in the communities you serve.



Why consider Mountain West Financial, Inc. for your Non-Delegated Correspondent Platform:

  • Mountain West Financial is a name and company who appreciates your business and relationship.
  • Focused on providing personalized service with industry leading technology.
  • Relationship focused business.  You get to interact with the decision makers underwriting your file.
  • Your loan will be decisioned quickly and without drama.

Additional Information

For more information regarding our Non-Delegated Correspondent program, please reach out to [email protected].

MWF History

Michael Douglas and Gary Martell Jr joined forces and went from competitors to business owners when they opened Mountain West Financial on May 17, 1990 in Lake Arrowhead, CA. In the first five years of our company’s history, we grew from one to six retail locations in multiple states. In 1995, we became a mortgage banker, hired Underwriters and Funders, and acquired our own credit lines. 1997 came along and we opened up a new channel in wholesale lending. Through the years we’ve continued to grow and adapt, acquire and improve our technology and product offerings to meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

Today, we celebrate our long history in purchase money lending. We’ve gone from being a small mortgage broker, to a retail lender, then added in a wholesale channel, and today we support multiple channels. We’ve partnered with several other companies and settlement service providers, while operating in multiple states across the western United States to provide our clients billions of dollars in home loans.