Expert’s Corner: Are You Speaking Your Borrower’s Language?

Real Estate Industry Language is Changing to Be More Inclusive

As times change, the language we use must change as well. The real estate industry is eliminating outdated phrases and replacing them with more inclusive and sensitive words. Here are a few terms to include in your conversations:

  • Master (Bedroom or Bathroom) – The word “master” has been predominantly replaced by “primary” or “main”.
  • Bachelor Pad – Smaller dwellings designed for one person are better described as “cozy” or “compact” to recognize households of all types.
  • Within Walking Distance – Include the mobility-challenged with details about the distance to local destinations. For example, “The home is three blocks away from the grocery store”.
  • His and Hers – Two vanities in a bathroom or closets in the primary bedroom are better described as “double” or “dual”.
  • Handicap-Accessible – Use the word “accessible” to describe properties with amenities designed to accommodate everyone.


Gain Time Back in Your Day with Automation

Automating repetitive tasks can give you more time to focus on serving your clients. Fortunately, most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms make it easy to automate tasks like sending e-newsletters and email blasts, tracking correspondence, and organizing your listings. Some tools even make it easy to manage follow-ups with leads by sending automated, personalized messages at predetermined intervals. While it may take some time up-front to put the automations in place, they’ll save you time and create more efficient processes for you in the long run.


Three Tips for a Great Headshot

You use your headshot everywhere, including social media, your website, business cards, etc. Put your best face forward with these three tips for getting a great photo:

  • Hire a pro – A professional photographer can suggest the right backdrops, guide you through flattering poses, and help you select a wardrobe for your shoot.
  • Get multiple headshots – The same image doesn’t work everywhere. Get shots with different backdrops, clothing, and poses.
  • Smile for the camera – Studies show we see people who smile as more honest. Evoke a warm, trustworthy persona by smiling in your headshots.