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These days, home and work life may have you feel that you’ve lost control of your schedule. Blocking off time for your tasks — and building in flexibility — can help you gain control over your days.

How does time blocking can help give you a sense of control?
It helps you make the most of small blocks of time. When you see you have just a few free minutes, you can pop in a small task like scheduling an appointment or placing an online order. It helps you get a better sense of how long things take and how much time you have available. It frees you from the “fear of forgetting.” When you’re afraid you might forget something, you lose focus. It will keep you more organized and accountable for what you have accomplished and what is still on your to-do list.

Time blocking can counteract the pandemic’s drain on your time
With many kids still doing school form home, time blocking with your artner can help synchronize all of the things you have to get done with school, work and home life. It can be a powerful technique to find some stability in this chaotic setting.

Time blocking can help you mark the end of your workday
Reviewing your tasks and ideas you jotted down, checking your email for anything urgent, and reviewing your calendar for what’s coming up the next day. This ritual can signals to your brain that you’re finished with work for the day.

The shutdown ritual also gives you a sense of division between work and home. That’s even more important these days, when we don’t have the routine of leaving the office and commuting to transition from work life to home life.

Flexibility is key to time blocking
Remember when the unexpected happens, with time blocking you don’t abandon your plan. You reschedule the rest of your day based on the time and tasks you have left.

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