6 Creative Ways to Use Video on Social Media

Does your marketing currently include video? If not, it should! We know consumers love video content and are spending tons of time consuming videos, but is it really worth it for your small business to start creating videos for social media? Definitely. Check out these 6 creative ways for you to get started using video on social media:

  1. Customer Testimonials: Ask a few of your clients to send you a short video about why they loved working with you and create a video featuring their testimonials to share with your social accounts.
  2. Celebrate Fun Holidays: Pick out a few relevant holidays to celebrate on social media and create a video for each occasion.
  3. Video Introduction: Create a video to tell your new and existing clients more about yourself!
    Not only will this be an easy video to create, but video content shows off more of your personality than a photo could.
  4. Motivational Monday: Inspirational quotes are already super popular on social media – why not test out a video with some motivational quotes? You can search for quotes easily online (be sure to always give proper credit to the original author of the quote!)
  5. Q&A Vlog: Answering common questions in a Q&A series would help bring value to your social media account. This type of video would also be great to save to your Instagram Story Highlights for your customers to easily access, anytime.
  6. Advertise Your Upcoming Events: Have a virtual class or event coming up? Tell your followers everything they’ll need to know about it, in a video!

*Courtesy of Boosted.lightricks.com