A Message from Mountain West Financial President, Gary Martell, Jr.

Happy New Year to all of our Real Estate Professional partners. We were so blessed to have a very active and positive 2019 market. Many economists predict smooth sailing ahead but there is some turbulence to look out for. With the political unrest that has been looming and this being an election year, there’s room for many potential twists and turns in the future. It does appear that interest rates will remain stable (low), at least until elections, and consumer confidence remains high. The mortgage industry has continued to introduce new products to serve the entry level buyers, which allows for others to move through the real estate cycle. As many of you know when people feel good about their jobs, the economy and their well-being, they invest. I look for another year in the marketplace with sound underlying economics that will drive a strong purchase market and allow values to grow gradually. I believe, above all else, we make our own opportunities. Those that work hard and are dedicated to serving their clients and the communities we live in will have another incredible year.  ~Gary Martell, Jr.